A Dog Moment

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This weekend brought some unexpected surprises for us.  Saturday morning, my stepdad’s mother had a stroke and passed away.  We were on our way to the hospital when we got the news and then found ourselves running some errands that we weren’t planning on.  The end result was that we got home several hours later than the usual turn out and dinner time for the dogs.  Another thing that I wasn’t expecting was to have a dog moment that day.

What Kind of Throw Was That?! -- Tales and Tails

What Kind of Throw Was That?!

I was a bit worn out when we got home and felt a little overwhelmed.  Mr. Taleteller hurried into the house and got the girls outside to go potty.  I came into the living room to sit some things down and as I turned around, Flattery was coming back into the house.  She didn’t just walk in and start looking for dinner, though.  I thought she might be a bit mad because it’s a cardinal sin to make Flattery wait for a meal.  I was in for a surprise, though.

Flattery came in through the kitchen like some winged beast.  She was leaping like an oversized lemur, her back arching with each ungraceful leap she made.  Her tongue was lolling and her tail was spinning and she was headed straight for me.  As she got right to me, she made an abrupt stop like a bronco buck and put her head against my chest.  I did what any normal person would do and sat down to give her some apparently much needed attention.

Eclipse Watcher -- Tales and Tails

Eclipse Watcher

The next day, we were getting ready to go out for some fun things, including our first dog walk of National Walk Your Dog Week.  Flattery knew something was up and that we were leaving the house again.  When I went into the bedroom to finish getting ready to go, she cannonballed into the middle of the bed and flopped down.  My husband came in and laid down beside her and Bunny hopped up to lay on the other side of Mr. Taleteller.

That’s when Flattery started her crazy dog routine, rolling her head and air snapping, then rolling this way and that, paws flailing to get us to keep petting her and giving her attention.  She couldn’t quite contain herself, so she’d run into the living room for a minute before running back to swan dive back onto the bed.  The whole routine repeated several times before we managed to escape the bedroom.  Flattery’s delight when she saw that she was going with us for the day was priceless.

It Wasn't Me -- Tales and Tails

It Wasn’t Me

I know there are some dogs out there who comfort you with a quiet touch and gentle presence.  That’s just not Flattery’s style, but it amazes me how she knows when to turn on the comedy routine to lighten the mood.  I love that she reminds me that there’s more than one way to accomplish a goal.  I also love that she still has the gift of making us laugh and sharing a dog moment with us when we need it.

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  • Biggy/Allies Mom

    She was also celebrating national black dog day on Sunday!!!!

  • Sue Dyer

    Sorry to hear about your loss.

    Flattery knew just what to do to make your heart lighter. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • valentine

    Mew Mew hellos! Flattery sensed that you were needing some special Flattery lovin’. Tee hee hee! Mom & I love Flattery with her signature bright pink!

  • ShineJake

    Again, I’m really sorry for you and your family’s loss. What an emotional ride of a day all of you must’ve had.

    But if one thing is certain, then it’s that you’re so lucky you’ve got Flattery to lift your spirits up. She is truly a bundle of fun and love, and the way she adores you guys and how you adore her is so evident and it warms my heart! She’s a wonderful therapy dog, we knew that, and this only hardens that truth further!