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The Best Therapy

By Houndstooth

There are things that happen in our personal lives that I don’t write about on the blog, and there have been some things that I’ve wanted to talk about but haven’t, because it just seems too personal for public reading.  The truth is, I’ve been surprised several times lately by people who I know in […]

Why Thank You

By Houndstooth

When we go places with the dogs, Bunny always gets a lot of compliments and attention.  I admit that I take pride in all the compliments she receives.  Last night at the nursing home was another example of how sweet she is.  Everyone she met adored her and talked about how sweet and good she […]

Looking Forward

By Houndstooth

We’ve been talking about Küster and his training from time to time. It’s a little scary to realize that he’ll be old enough to take his Search and Rescue test next month, although we are planning for him to take his test in October, because he still needs to master obedience. I think he’ll get […]

The Making Of A Therapy Dog

By Houndstooth

If you’re a regular or semi-regular reader of our blog, you’re probably aware that our dogs work as therapy dogs, visiting nursing homes on many Thursday nights.  My first therapy dog was Treat, our first Greyhound.  When I started over training Bunny, I realized how good I’d had it with Treat.  It wasn’t that Bunny […]

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