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Dogs And The Fourth Of July

by Houndstooth on

Here in the United States, we’re getting ready to celebrate our Independence, which is a lot of fun for humans, but often not much fun for dogs.  I know that there are other times of the year in other places where some of the same problems can happen, but it’s timely for us here, so […]

The Tortoise and The Hound -- Tales and Tails

Winning The Race

by Houndstooth on

One of the tough parts about being a dog owner is seeing your dog start to become a senior.  It’s a bittersweet feeling, because while they become infinitely sweeter in old age, it also makes it hard not to start thinking about what the future might hold in terms of your dog’s health and longevity. […]

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Greyhound Or Goat

by Houndstooth on

Back when we had our first pair of Greyhounds, Treat and Hawk, I used to laugh every Saturday morning over a routine that repeated many times in our house.  On Saturday mornings, our routine was different, and that different routine meant that we would be going to do something with the Greyhounds, usually a meet […]

Resisting The Urge To Stalk

by Houndstooth on

If you are a Greyhound owner, you are probably familiar with the idea of Greyhound stalkers.  It’s so unusual for most of us to see other people with a Greyhound that when we do, we slip into stalker mode as we wrack our brains for a plausible excuse to stop the other person and ask […]

K9 Kovu searches at a SDONA seminar

Search And Rescue Saturday — Two of the World’s Best

by Mr. Taleteller on

Last weekend I found myself in Indiana helping at a SDONA (Search Dog Organization of North America) training.  SDONA had brought in Brigitte Versterre and Petra Grothe from the Netherlands.  These two ladies are two of the world’s best.  Both hold numerous World Champion titles in IPO (International Prüfungs-Ordnung) and the IRO (International Rescue Dog […]

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Taking Your Dog To Work

by Houndstooth on

Today is National Take Your Dog To Work Day, and I am not sure if I am participating or not.  I’m on vacation, so I will be hanging out with my dogs today, even though none of us will be going to the school where I work.  Trust me when I say that I am […]

Looking For Clues -- Tales and Tails

Sniffing Out Answers To History’s Mysteries

by Houndstooth on

As a person who is a history buff, as well as a dog lover, I sat up and took notice the other day when I saw an article from National Geographic that claims that dogs may soon be sniffing out the answers to one of history’s big mysteries this summer.  I think most people know […]