Silent Sunday 1/10 — Where Did All This Come From

by Houndstooth on
Where Did All This Come From? -- Tales and Tails

Where Did All This Come From?

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  • Sue Dyer

    Pink beauty amongst the snow. Hope you don’t get too much of it. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • oh how beautiful – you are a snow bunny 🙂

  • SGilbert

    Beautiful picture! You are an awesome photographer…you need to open your own business.

  • That is so pretty, but I’ll bet the wind from the water is frigid! Brrrrr!

  • You have snow! The collies love snow, I do not! So I am sort of glad it is raining here, instead of snowing…but I feel badly for the collies.

    And Yay! I can comment again! I had a real problem with Disqus that wouldn’t let me comment on your blog or a few others. (It kept telling me that you required that I verify my account, and did I want a verification email? I would say yes, but the email would never come…turns out they had my email wrong)

  • Emma

    Very beautiful shot, Bunny.